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  • 09Feb
    Nova Scotia Wine Posted by Admin
    Nova Scotia Wine - Canada

    Nova Scotia has a long and rich tradition for growing grapes for wine dating back to the 1600s, when this was one of the first areas to cultivate grapes in North America.

    Nova Scotia is an area rich in history. Some of Canada’s first vines were planted here in the early 1600’s. Situated on one of the cooler climate limits for vines, Nova Scotia’s soil and mesoclimates create some of the most distinctive premium-quality grapes in North America.

    There are over 70 grape growers and more than 800 acres under vine in seven different regions across the province.

  • 09Feb
    Sainte-Famille Wines - Falmouth, Nova Scotia Posted by Admin visit winery website
    Sainte-Famille Wines - Falmouth, Nova Scotia

    Sainte-Famille Wines Ltd. is an award winning winery that is located in Falmouth, Nova Scotia – the gateway to the Annapolis Valley.

    Doug and Suzanne Corkum, owners of Sainte-Famille Wines, purchased the farm over 35 years ago, and established the vineyard in 1980 with one acre of vines. Over the years the vineyard has increased to 25 acres. We opened our doors in June, 1990 and are now 24 years old.

    The vineyard is situated on a gently sloping hill overlooking the Avon River Valley. It is one of the warmest vineyard sites in Nova Scotia.

  • 09Feb
    Domaine de Grand Pré - Grand Pré, Nova Scotia Posted by Admin visit winery website
    Domaine de Grand Pré, Nova Scotia

    "Domaine de Grand Pré: creating the very best of Nova Scotia Wine"

    Domaine de Grand Pre is the oldest farm winery in Atlantic Canada. The Swiss-born Stutz family re-opened the doors to the public in 2000 and quickly made their mark, displaying a European sensibility for quality and a passion for wine and food.

    The property has been described as “world-class” – from the vineyards and museum to the restaurant and tours. With 25,000+ visitors each year it speaks volumes about the experience you’ll get at Domaine de Grand Pré.


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