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  • uk eu wine map

    Our UK & EU connection - showcasing your wines to Europe

    Experienced in importing and marketing food & beverage units from America to the UK and EU marketplace as well as Worldwide we are in an excellent position to help you market and develop your market. Splitting time between London UK, Munich Germany and Canada over the last 8 years we are able to deliver your product knowledge and in more than one language. Contact: glen [at] itsagrapelife.com
  • Okanagan Ice Wine Harvest

    with a little late weather luck the icewine harvests are in

    While the Okanagan, BC was able to get it's Icewine Harvest completed in November the rest of the Icewine producers in the world waited with fingers crossed. The Niagara Region and Germany both got in their Harvests albeit a bit late but lucky. Both reached the required temperatures in January bringing in the 2015 Icewine Harvest in early 2016.
  • The Wine Tasting Truck
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  • Elegant Stemware

    The glass makes the wine Julianna Glass is a brand of exclusive and elegant glassware. Made from lead free crystal glass and hand cut by glass artists. Swarovski crystals elevate the brilliance and add a sparkly finishing touch for luxury look and feel.
    Visit Julianna Glass
  • BC & EU Wine travel

    Food Wine & Travel Whether you are looking at visiting Canada to see any of our Wine Regions or coming here to the UK or anywhere in Europe, there are endless possibilities for a wide variety of Wine & Food Tours as well as countless Culture Tours.
  • fun #winewednesday

    Mrs Kippis on Twitter Twitter lights up with light hearted wine talk and interesting pictures every #WineWednesday and we are no stranger to it. We'll bring out my original Mrs Kippis, as well as our own take on some old jokes and make up a few new ones.
  • vine photos & Art

    Northern Lights Naramata Winery There are some amazing wine related pictures out there such as this Naramata Bench Winery during the Northern Lights. From Spring to Winter and Sunrise to Sunset there is something worth seeing from every corner of the World. more